Our Imprint.

Sofia’s Books is a publishing imprint of Radici Translation & Wordcraft Ltd., a Canadian literary agency based in Summerside, Prince Edward Island. Since 2015, when Radici T&W Ltd. was founded, we have been promoting Canadian literature in Italy and Italian literature in Canada. Our latest addition, Sofia’s Books, represents a new adventure and an exciting challenge. We translate and publish exclusively Canadian literature in Italian and Italian literature in English and/or French. We select and publish our titles following very specific editorial lines.

Our objective is to tell the literary histories and celebrate the contemporary creativity of Italy and Canada through their books. We publish very few titles per year. We believe that every book is a project in its own right, with specific timing, programming and needs. Our work does not end when our books reach the shelves of Italian and Canadian bookstores. We believe a book needs to be kept alive for as long as possible; we want our stories to create interest and to instill curiosity in our readers. We work very closely with institutions, organizations and associations that believe in our editorial project both in Italy and Canada.

Why Sofia’s Books?

You are probably wondering why we decided to call our imprint Sofia and why the logo represents a dog. Sofia is the name of our four-and-a-half-year-old Bernese Mountain Dog.

The logo, representing Sofia, was created by my very talented sister-in-law, Skye, who was inspired by this photo.

Am I the only one who thinks Sofia looks very regal and professional, the perfect spokesdog for books? Sofia is a Caper. She comes from a small town called Orangedale in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

As soon as she became comfortable with her new surroundings in her forever home, we noticed that she has a thing for books. She truly loves them! If in a pile, she gently nudges them with her nose, she sniffs corners, she paws covers as if to tell us that those books are the best. She listens if you read to her. She shows deference toward books. My husband and I have more books than shelves. Sofia’s attitude towards them is intriguing and we feel she is the perfect fit for our family and also the perfect logo for our imprint.

Rest assured that our titles go through a strict selection process and are all paw approved!

And also, we did not want a name that was too predictable.