Putting Our Favourite Authors on the Map.

Sofia’s Books brings you the best of Italian literature in translation. The titles we choose, the authors we translate and the stories we share will tell the history and evolution of Italian literature. We will translate authors that have been overlooked but also new and emerging writers.

Our titles will populate the map of il Bel Paese. Our first titles are in the making.

Textured map of Italy.

There are too many Canadian authors and too many stories that are overlooked or neglected. Sofia’s Books wants to change this attitude by filling the current void. Our vision is to present, promote and share the best of Canadian literature. Every title we translate and publish is added to the map of Canada. This will give our readers the opportunity to know more about Canadian literature, traveling and exploring at the same time this beautiful country. We want to give voice to Canadian authors whose literary works embody the best of what Canada has to offer.

Join us in this literary adventure and visit this wonderful and wondrous country one book at the time!

Our first titles are in the making. Follow our progress and stay connected.

Textured map of Canada.